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How to start?

1. Register and log in, remember about the activation e-mail.
2. Order the server of your choice (cheaper than never before!).
3. Pay for the order by SMS or other payment method.
4. Activate your order. Server will be available after 5 seconds!

Sky is not the limit! In zaSMSa we offer you packages tailored to your needs. Also, those that have no limits.

Check us out for 1 month with no commitment. At any time you can cancel your hosting without incurring any costs.

Click & Go option allow you to install web sites and applications such as PrestaShop, Wordpress and many more in just one 1 click.

You can forget about resources. Our web hosting works in the cloud is fully scalable and highly efficient.

Your data are safe with us. Perform backups automatically within the capacity of your account. We also keep a copy of your data for 14 days.

Create email accounts in your own domain. Light interface designed for mobile devices will help you with convenient access to e-mail from any device.