Check domain availability

.pl 15zł

.eu 32zł

.com 42zł

.info 42zł

.it 42zł

How to start?

1. Register and log in, remember about the activation e-mail.
2. Order the server of your choice (cheaper than never before!).
3. Pay for the order by SMS or other payment method.
4. Activate your order. Server will be available after 5 seconds!

What servers are zaSMSa services hosted on?
Supermicro with Intel Xeon E3 or E5 processors.

How long do changes to the domain configuration take effect?
How long do changes to the domain configuration take effect?

How can I upload data to the server using FTP?

To put data on the server, use any program (FTP client) that enables connection via the FTP protocol: Active.FTP, Total Commander, FileZilla, WinSCP, Cute FTP.

When will I receive the invoice?
The VAT invoice is generated automatically and will be sent by the iFirma system within 24 hours of adding funds to the wallet.

How can I get the AuthInfo code?
The procedure for obtaining the AuthInfo code is described here.

How do you transfer a domain to zaSMSa?
The procedure for moving the domain is described here.

What is the email sending limit for hosting?
We allow 1000 emails from one account to be sent daily.

How do you set automatic email replies?
Vacation messages (autoresponder) can be configured in the Directadmin panel or directly in our mail client at